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Haruka-senpai, look!

Yeah, painful as this scene was, because it scared the bejeezus out of Haru, it says a lot about what he’s assuming and knows to be waiting for him should he follow the path to go pro.

He thinks Rin assumes he’s going to come, is waiting to drag him there, and Rin patently was assuming, felt that while Haru might be dragging his feet, in the end he’d make the logical decision after much dithering: to go pro, because Haru clearly likes competing and gets fired up in a competition.

But it wasn’t exactly blind assumption on Rin’s part — it was a conclusion drawn from watching him, from seeing how Haru reacts in the water and in competitions, seeing that slow burn of competitiveness finally start to really ignite, seeing Haru training hard presumably with some kind of end-goal in sight.

And even in their fight, he reminds Haru that he can swim for himself and his friends all he likes, because in doing so, that’s going to be a stepstone to vault him into his future. That he ought to be swimming like that.

I just have so many feelings about this episode, man.


do u have a ship u like but u only like it when its shipped a certain way

except a lot of people dont ship it that way


does anybody else clean their phone screen by wiping it on their boob or is that just me



As an aside, I really liked how dream!Gou was pretty much a RinHaru shipper.

"My bro’s over there… Go get him, tiger!" 

okay yeah I know this is supposed to be cute and all and I’M GONNA LET IT BE THAT

But I also think it’s like super important that even in Haru’s dream—because this is Haru’s subconscious coming up with this stuff—his future, and a future being a professional swimmer…is tied up with Rin. With Rin being the one to lead the way and welcome him into that new arena.

Frick. Resolve this and get on in there soon.

Go get him, Tiger, indeed :x

breakdown // worries 
(s01e12/s02e09 parallels)


…. lol there is a frame dedicated to the light leaving Rin’s eyes KILL ME


Someone call the ambulance.

29th is iyasama hajime’s bday (snk manga artist)


Happy bday!


So I noticed there were a few moments in this dream sequence that pretty perfectly mirrored Rin’s, particularly the bright shining light so brilliant it’s blinding