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title: オレが一晩姦病します
circle/main writer: ゆれいか 歩行者用信号/Acaつむぎ
pairing: eren/levi
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download: mediafire, mega (138.5mb)

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midnight yumikuri

What do you think of all the people blaming Rin for Haru's break down today? Is it a case of people looking for reasons to hate Rin, or do you think their opinions are valid? Curious about your opinion :3



That they haven’t matured since S1, despite all of their favorite characters doing so :P

Some people seem to think that Rin is Makoto, that he must be ~so in tune~ with Haru that he’s going to be able to detect Haru’s every intent and discern what he wants to do with his life. But hell, we’ve seen that even Makoto can’t do that with 100% accuracy. And Rei may be really good at reading Haru and conversely have a lot in common with Rin, but Rin has that whole destined rivals thing going on with Haru that blocks him from seeing the little things because he’s so damn blinded by ~his shining~

Anyone blaming Rin for Haru’s break (and not, you know, everyone in that dream who actually said something pressuring, where all Rin said was Let’s go, Haru) deserves a timeout to think about what the fuck logic is :/

Honestly, I don’t think either side is to blame for what happened! Rin isn’t with Haru as much as the other are and like you said before he even admitted he wouldn’t understand unless Haru told him, and as we’ve seen with Haru, he tends to not really talk about what’s bothering him even with Makoto. Rin can’t just look at Haru and tell he feeling bothered by this, but he knows now. And we’ll find out what he does about this in the following episodes. People pointing the blame at Rin about this are either looking for someone to blame or missed the point entirely. Let’s not forget Rin is leading his own life away from the Iwatobi Swim Club, he has his own team to worry about, his own future. Sure he has concerns for Haru but it isn’t the only thing on his mind, to say that Rin is selfish for not thinking about Haru this whole time is great misunderstanding of his character. Haru may be the protagonist but the thoughts and lives of the other characters should revolve around him.

Haru isn’t to blame either he was under pressure and freaking out, Rin was just the tip of the iceberg to the growing amount of pressure he was facing. I honestly think that even if someone else confronted him he would have lashed out as well, he was scared and you could hardly blame him. And let’s not forget it wasn’t just Rin putting unintentional pressure on Haru, it was a lot of other characters as well. They might have had the best intentions at heart but sometimes words that can seem harmless are usually the most harmful of all.

These are just my thoughts on the issue, I’m not really an expert on the characters and I may be even misinterpreting them or the story. But I know what its like to be pressure by friends and family, and to lash out at them when you can’t take it anymore. It sucks and I felt terrible about it. But I was at fault as well because instead of saying anything I kept all my feeling bottled up until I reached my tipping point. Once I was able to talk it out with everyone they understood immediately and backed off.

So yeah, the situation could have been avoided but at the same time needed to happen! They guys need to talk it out because trust me keeping things like this bottled up isn’t good for you at all. 



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Annie, fall.

Wristwatch time. Slowin’ as she goes to sleep.


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Jean + Marco (SnK)