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12 favorite handwritten fonts (pretend that Eren is literate)

Eren | Armin | Mikasa | Marco | Jean | Connie | Sasha | Historia | Ymir | Erwin | Levi | Hange

I like how Marco’s has freckles around it.

This girl is literally one of the most toxic people I have yet to encounter in the Attack on Titan fandom. I've heard things about her before especially the drama between her and transhange which wasn't cool. You don't go around calling people "it" or "Thing". I want people to see how awful this girl is, and you're doing a great job by pointing out the shitty things shes said recently. I hope you keep this blog up. She claims shes done nothing wrong, but I'm sure hundreds would say otherwise.


Her followers will continue to support her. 

It’s sad because she does so much bullshit that no one even realizes she’s doing. I’ve had arguments with her that lasted for quite a few asks but the instant that I have made a valid point in my argument that she can’t refute, she just ignores it and stops replying altogether. 

And she says problematic shit all the time and the way she was attacking transhange wasn’t cool at all! You don’t call people “it” you just don’t. 

And just the way she treats people overall. She acts like anyone who doesn’t agree with her are complete and total idiots.

And when it comes to the relationships in snk I s2g she just pulls shit out of her ass to try and make other ships involving any half of her otp’s look extremely horrible so she can act super righteous toward anyone who ships something she disagrees with and hold her ship’s “canonicity” over everyone’s head. 

I could go on for a while, tbh.


She and her cronies have no problem erasing context from scenes in the manga in order to promote their ship while erasing the development of other relationships. 

This is a great example. 

They use this conversation between Eren and Jean to prove Eren’s feelings for Mikasa. 

Except that, Eren isn’t thanking Jean for saving Mikasa at all.

In this scene, Jean is assessing the situation and explaining it to Eren. He is explaining Eren’s value to all these people who have lost their lives. Eren needed to hear it. Jean reasons with him respectably and calmly. Eren even makes a statement to him, “you’re really preachy”. Jean even points out that Eren has become “wishy washy”. Like they’ve become polar opposites of who they were in training. 

After this, Jean continues on, and then Eren chimes in. The fact that it happened after Jean was going on about saving Mikasa means nothing. Jean was going on about it as a way to talk himself up, prove that he’s worthy of Mikasa’s affection. That he’s her knight in shining armor.

Because that is not what he is thanking Jean for.

"Thanks Jean. Thanks to you, I won’t be indecisive anymore. It’s like you said, this is the only thing I can do. Manipulate the titans and take back Wall Maria."

Literally, he’s thanking Jean for talking sense into him. 

This is a legitimate scene that highlights the growth in Eren and Jean’s relationship. It is not an Eren and Mikasa moment. It doesn’t prove Eren’s feelings for her at all because that’s not at all what he’s going on about.

Please stop erasing the importance of this very legitimate jeanere moment to promote your ship.


Eren’s had a gag in his mouth for like 6 months now.

how dare you remind me of this?



That escalated quickly.



*main character becomes a villain* oh my GOD… oh MY GOd do that again

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I’m so mature


I don’t care I’m saving my son with artist’s super power